“Frani’s Sunday Sauce – The Taste of Life” Life is like a Sauce, it can be: sweet, bitter, bland, salty or well-seasoned and the flavors that went into the sauce are complimenting each other!

“Traveling The Homeland” with Wolf Leichsenring, an international Travel Journalist taking us to the northern part of Germany Schleswig-Holstein and discovering beautiful places. About 50 kilometers from Hamburg we are stopping in Brokstedt to visit Farm Ansgarius. It feels like Heaven on Earth. Sabine Foelster, Owner of Farm Ansgarius are our guest tonight.

“The Blackboard Experience” – An experience everyone has had, but very few have recovered from it….but, it is possible to heal from all that humiliation and shame.

Dr. Chris Gilbert, MaryAnn Gardner, Wolf Leichsenring, Sabine Foelster are my guests.

Our homeland and states have treasures that even the natives have not seen or heard of…BTW, do you know who the richest cow in the world was? In 2009 “Missy” a Holstein cow who was auctioned for $ 1.2 million, making her the most expensive cow in the world at that time.

I tied to find out if Miss Missy was still around, but I doubt it…..(to bad)

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Do you know how long a dairy cows life is??? Dairy Cows are not permitted to live more than five years. ( so sorry about that!….To all your MILK DRINKERS…a little more respect.)