We all know to many people who are afraid of making mistakes, because doing so makes them feel horrible about themselves. But the truth is, mistakes can be like gifts.

My guest tonight is MaryAnn Gardner, Director of Life Change Programs for The Bridgeport Rescue Mission and has a Master of Education, Master of Clinical Counseling/Human Services.

We have the opportunity to gain knowledge from our mistakes and all it takes is the willingness to learn from them.

Why do we make mistakes? What are some of the mistakes we are making? Our Education should be changed. Expecting perfection is not realistic. We have different personalities, each student has different needs and learning styles.

We can not treat all students the same in a classroom. It was like that in the 1960’s and it is still that way.

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Mariette Kammerer

We need to change perceptions about students mistakes that mistakes can improve learning.